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The Sci-Fi Budget Bubble: Why It's Going to Burst and the Future of Sci-Fi Movies

Given the relentless rate of high-budget, effects-heavy blockbusters that burst onto the big screen across the country, sci-fi fans have certainly come a long way from believing that the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds was a real news announcement over 50 years ago. 

Both moviegoers and movie makers alike have abandoned tolerance for Plan 9 From Outer Space — quality visual effects long ago, and now CGI giants like Jurassic World often dominate the box office for weeks at a time. We know that modern special effects allow cast members to be extinct and other marvelous feats of physics to become possible, but we also know that...

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3D Printing: The Shape of Things to Come

For years, retailers have been using 3D printing (3DP) to create sculptures, jewelry, and smartphone covers for consumers on marketplaces like Shapeways. Now, consumers can make their own artifacts and personalized works of stereolithographic art with reasonably-priced printers like the Makerbot, now being sold at Home Depot stores.

With 3DP, the garage hobbyist is rapidly becoming a manufacturing engineer— the 3DP revolution is upon us. 1984 saw the first 3D printer create physical objects from digital information. After years of developing rapid design prototyping techniques, scientists came up with the first working animal organ in the early 2000s, and a few years later fabricators began to print in multiple materials at once.

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