David Thorne's Newest Collection of Sarcastically Brilliant Emails and Essays


It can truly be an exhausting and unrewarding task to find something actually funny on the Internet nowadays, where seemingly every corner of every website has been saturated with comments and ads begging for an “LOL.” That being said, author David Thorne has released a new book with completely unpublished content this month, so the wait for truly genius online humor is over. David Thorne's new book, bright red with a cartoon dog on the cover.

Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them, is the popular Internet satirist’s third book of autobiographical essays and email correspondences that, in the words of Penguin Group publishers, give the reader a look into the mind of an “evil, online genius.” Also known as a “professional annoying person,” Thorne captured the Internet’s often fickle attention in 2008 when he published a series of email exchanges between his dull, unfortunate coworkers and his mischievous, bored, and often absurdly intelligent mind.

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While his ridiculous and eloquent prose originated on the Internet, Thorne’s success eventually propelled his first book to the 4th spot of The New York Times’ Best Seller list within its debut week. His second book doubled sales during the first month of release, and fans are just as excited about the newest edition to the series. The Washington Post called it “an astonishingly funny book that had the entire office in tears,” a common sentiment from many casual book reviewers on sites like Good Reads.

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Thorne’s humor isn’t for everyone, as he himself admitted that one article called him an idiot with an occasional vague point,” which he also stated that he quite liked, and some fans remarked that this book was darker at times than his previous works. However, with 6 years on the Internet and 3 books out, it’s actually a good time to be a little more personal with his huge fan base. He touches on his childhood and other serious topics in some of his new essays, and not all of the stories have a funny or happy ending.

Despite this, what makes his writing truly enjoyable is that there is a certain emotional bond the reader establishes with Thorne’s coworkers at a graphic design firm, fan favorites being Shannon, Bill, and Simon. Along with his son, who he simply refers to as “his offspring,” and wife Holly, Thorne manages to immerse the reader in his mundane yet completely insane life with his own Monty Python-esque wit and strangely lovable cast.

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Even if you aren’t familiar with his previous works, many of Thorne’s articles are available on his website. However, the content exclusively found in his books with the addition of classic fan favorites makes the purchase worthwhile, and Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them will be sure to both stand alone in its sarcastic excellence and on the shelf next to its predecessors.