Style Quotient | Spotlight: Jennifer Yen of pūr~lisse


I've had the pleasure of meeting some extremely accomplished and talented women during my career in the beauty biz and one of the most impressive ladies on that list is Jennifer Yen, creator and CEO of skin care brand pūr~lisse.

Jennifer was an actress whose skin took a beating under the harsh lights and heavy makeup of Hollywood. She had tried everything to clear up her "troubled and sensitive skin" to no avail. Jennifer decided to take matters into her own hands and created a "simple, functional, and most importantly, effective" skin care line using her Chinese heritage and desire for "pure and smooth" skin as inspiration.

Thus, pūr~lisse was born!

Each pūr~lisse product uses a blend of blue lotus and white tea, which protect skin against aging, but without parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors, or fragrance. At any given time, I have three or more pūr~lisse products on my vanity.

The cleanser, pūr~delicate, is a soy milk, soap-free, cream cleanser that removes makeup and impurities, feels incredibly luxurious and leaves the skin clean but not parched.

The pūr~eye adore serum and the pūr~lip comfort are two of my favorite products of all time; both pack a hydrating punch with gorgeous textures.

With such fair skin, I have to bathe in sun protection and I've put up with chalky SPF-laden moisturizers for years. When I started using the pūr~protect SPF 30 moisturizer and discovered that the lightweight texture didn't make me look pastier than I already was, I became a devotee for life!

There are eight different products in the range, all with outstanding properties, and each worthy of its own spotlight, but there is more to Jennifer Yen than her skin care. When I first met Jennifer, I discovered a truly beautiful and inspiring person, inside and out. I also noticed she had impeccable personal style and I've been dying to know her secrets. She graciously granted me an interview:

Q: It takes a lot of guts and determination to create, launch, and successfully run a skin care brand. What was the biggest challenge you have faced or are facing?

A: Staying in business and overcoming the 2008 world wide economic recession.  I decided to stick with pūr~lisse, and rebrand pūr~lisse, and modify the packaging and pricing for 2011.  As a private company, there are always cash flow issues and too much work and not enough people.

Q: You offer a delicious tea within the pūr~lisse range. How important is food and drink to a skin care regime?

A: Very important. I was raised to view food as medicine—to heal, nourish, and repair.  And I believe beautiful skin comes from within

Q: What is your beauty/style philosophy?

A: Using quality, natural products to treat and hydrate skin, and cosmetics to enhance features.  I always love natural beauty and it's timeless!  My style philosophy is:  I never sacrifice comfort to look hot. I'm too much of a comfort queen; so my style tends to be comfortable, chic, and versatile.

Q: I've had the pleasure of seeing you face to face a few times and you always look flawless! How do you put together an outfit?

A: I worked in clothing stores all through high school and college and I've been told a proper outfit consists of 3 pieces:  a top, bottom, and an outwear (jacket, blazer, scarf). And I've followed this. I dress for comfort first, and love mixing old clothes with new, vintage with current, tights with loose tops, and a scarf since I get tend to get cold easily.

Q: What is your desert island beauty product?

A: I can't live without our pūr~lissepūr~protect SPF 30 and Bigelow Lemon Body Butter.

Many thanks to Jennifer for sharing her style secrets and for creating a simple, nourishing, and effective skin care line. In addition, Jennifer is gifting one lucky Spaces Quarterly reader with a pūr~lisse Jet Set Starter Kit.

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