Lutron & The Lucas Estate


Lucas Estate is a private residence in the Carmel area just outside of Indianapolis. It is one of the most expensive homes in Indiana, in a very prestigious location. The style of the residence is traditional, however it has a surprising twist that most visitors never notice: the residence is also noted for its achievements in home technology. Tom Doherty of Doherty Design originally designed the home withstate of the art home technology in the 1990's for the original owners, and recently the new owners rehired him to retrofit all the lighting in the estate without damaging a single wall.


Mr. Doherty, also retrofitted many of the window treatments on this estate. He installed window treatments from Lutron offering daylight management and energy saving technology. He fondly remembers bringing one sample free of charge and leaving it in a prime location. He spoke of how great design and products can be like showing a client the puppy and they immediately fall in love with it. The owners were so impressed that they had many other window treatments retrofitted.

The most impressive part of this technology is how seamlessly it fits into the space, with only the positive effects being noticeable. In many homes, especially traditional homes such as this one, technology can be an eye sore, and deter from the interiors.

Unfortunately, I have not only seen the good but also the bad and ugly. Many designers sigh when they hear about home technology specialists coming on board, since many of these technologies can be difficult to install, hide, and maintain. As an interior designer or a homeowner, make sure you learn and connect with professionals who can properly integrate 21st century technologies into your home.

There are many amazing products out there and it can be challenging even for professionals to keep up with them. This estate used Lutron systems which are considered a standard in the industry.  There are many benefits to properly selected home technology systems, such as energy efficiency, seamless design, and ease of use.


Photos by Tony Frantz