More Than Just Paint, Wall Coverings

Barcelona Iconic Panel
Barcelona Iconic Panel

Painting a wall is the most common type of interior wall covering décor. Though there are several different types of paint with many diverse finishes, some styles call for something a little more off the wall.


When discussing interior design the word paneling may bring up some bad memories of tacky wood panels on your Grandmothers kitchen walls, but since then panels have been redefined. B&N Industries specialists in the wholesale of both wood and laminate panels, has introduced a new line of iconic panels that are both stylish and unique to all design taste. Ranging in a variety of colors and iconic symbols to Helvetica, Hitchcock, and Louise, paneling just got trendy.

Brick and Stone

Add a bit of texture to your walls by considering brick and stone finishes. Don’t want to spend the money to completely reconstruct your walls? Many faux wall finishes exist that are do-it-yourself and look just as authentic.

Interior walls with exposed brick, stone or concrete make a statement and due to the variety of shades of color can be matched to fit with any type of room. This type of style represents the combination of urban space with domestic space and allows for mixed textures to be utilized. For instance unfinished wooden furniture looks great up against a brick or stonewall.


Fabric is a great way to add style, texture, and visual contrast to your walls. One nice thing about utilizing fabric wall coverings, is that it can also be a way to hide nicks and cracks in the wall and aids in soundproofing a room. Because Fabric can be purchased locally, it is best to choose a durable heavy weight fabric if hanging the fabric yourself.

When covering a wall with fabric be sure to pre-measure your fabrics, leaving extra length to cover the wall from floor to ceiling. Then pleat the fabric to make it easier to handle.

Recycled Glass

A fairly new and innovative product is wallpaper made from recycled glass. One manufacturer, trend, offers an  array of colors, amount of recycled content, and patterns. Actually the patterns are limitless, since you can also create your own designs along with many customization options.

Living Walls

One major new trend when it comes to decorating wall space are living walls. Living Walls are quite literally a living garden planted on the interior of a wall space with assistance of living wall systems. Living walls are very practical for those who wish to have a garden but do not have the lawn space and are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. The best aspect about this type of wall covering is that it is a very easy install with the help of Woolly Pockets. For insight on just how one of these walls is constructed, view the time lapse video of California Academy of Sciences own living wall.