Aaron's Last Wish Fund

What would you do with $500? Would you save it, spend it, or share it with others? Most of us probably wouldn't consider leaving it all to someone else in the form of a large tip, but Aaron's Last Wish fund is dedicated to making a lasting impact by doing just that.

Aaron Collins passed away in July of 2012, just weeks after his thirtieth birthday. Said to be "one to live his life in the moment" he chose to embrace experiences rather than possessions. Within his will he left one very unique request; that his family leave a tip of $500 to a waiter or waitress.

Aaron believed that a gift such as this had the potential to leave a lasting impact on one's life.

Since the passing of Aaron a fund was created both in his memory and to raise money to help make his last wish possible. Through anonymous donations, in just one day $10,000 was raised towards the effort.

To perform Aaron's last wish, the family of Aaron Collins visited a pizzeria in their hometown where the family decided to videotape the simple good deed in action, after which the video was uploaded to You Tube. Be it due to the simple gesture of kindness and generosity behind the act, or the emotional reaction from the lucky chosen waitress, not a day later, word spread about the Aaron’s Last Wish fund, donations began to pour in and the fund took off.

Thanks to the generous donations provided from across the nation, the family of Aaron Collins was able to make his last wish come true not once or twice, but multiple times. The family plans to continue to carry out the wish for as long as  donations continue to be made to the fund.

Each act of generosity is filmed by the family in hope that by seeing how much a simple act of kindness brings happiness to someone, others will be inspired to do the same.

To this day over $62,000 has been donated to the fund, enough to give nearly 125 waiters and waitress’ $500 tips. In light of all the donations to Aaron's Last Wish, a new initiative has been started; a road trip to leave a $500 tip to one waiter or waitress in each of the fifty states.

The fund has attracted people from all over the world and hopes to inspire others to make their own donation to the fund or to preform their own acts of kindness.