Decanted... | Merging Chocolate & Wine — Surprisingly Underwhelming


While preparing for this last Valentine’s Day, I, along with many others I’m sure, stumbled across a curious product called ChocoVine. Seemingly popular, it was available at just about every store and came in a variety of flavors—Original, Whipped Cream, Espresso, and Raspberry. And since wine and chocolate is a classic pairing, chocolate wine must be amazing right? Well, I will let you be the judge of that.

Imported from Holland, ChocoVine was the first chocolate wine to ever enter the US market. Although labeled as a dessert wine, ChocoVine along with other chocolate wine labels is making its own little niche in the industry. It is described as being a French cabernet sauvignon blended with Dutch cream and dark chocolate. Also noted is that the wine serves more as a light base, while the emphasis lies with the chocolate.

After trying this, I would never consider labeling it as a wine. Although there is wine present, it doesn’t seem to have any of the characteristics typical of wine. With an overwhelming sweetness and chocolate flavor, ChocoVine tastes nothing like any wine style I have ever had. Any alcohol present reminds me more of vodka than of cabernet—never mind a fine French cabernet sauvignon as described on the bottle.

This may sound harsh and come across as the ranting of a wine snob, but I consider myself to be very open minded when it comes to wine; this is just honesty. I don’t feel that wine should have to conform to a set of rules, and I respect what they are trying to do with the product. In fact, some of the greatest winemakers have been the ones that have pushed the boundaries the most.  I just do not feel as though this falls into the wine category.

I think ChocoVine better fits into the category of specialty liquors.  Shaken up with ice, I could see where many would enjoy this as a martini. Some might find it, on the rocks, to be a decent substitute for Baileys. And if you are adventurous, the company’s website even has several suggestions for various concoctions.

So, as you see ChocoVine floating around the shelves, please be prepared for what you may be getting into. If you prefer your wine and chocolate as a pairing rather than a mixture like I do, this potion may not be the one for you.

Name: ChocoVine

Location: Holland

Alcohol: 14%

Description: Dessert Wine

Approximate price: $11.99


Photo by Tony Frantz

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