Guild Wars II - Shadow of the Mad King

Lions Arch
Lions Arch

Imagine you are running along, minding your own business, exploring Tyria and gathering rare loot, when all of a sudden the ground starts to tremble and shake! Something starts to erupt from the ground and you grab your sword/axe/bow/scepter and prepare for the worst! When the dust slowly settles the object fades into view and your jaw drops in shock. It's……….candy corn?

Yes lads and ladies, it is what you were thinking! The Guild Wars II Halloween event ended yesterday as a smashing success! The Mad King has finally returned to Tyria and had brought hundreds of years worth of tricks and treats for all of us to enjoy from October 22nd - November 1st!

From mineable candy corn veins to new outfits and mini-pets, and even Shadow Door Trick or Treating, this event, like those of Guild Wars, did not disappoint! With different Acts released throughout the duration of the event to bring more items and parts to the special event story quest line, I found it hard to find a dull moment or a lack of things to do!

Some of the special items included, but were not limited to, a witches outfit (available in different styles for both the men and women), four special, event only, mini-pets and even the outfit of the legendary Mad King himself! Each outfit came complete with its own set of special actions that were sure to get you in the mood for Halloween! My personal favorite was flying around Lion's Arch on my very own witches broom!

So whether you were out and about or one of the 1 million or more trick or treating in Tyria, I hope you didn't forget to have fun and be safe this Halloween! For more information on the Guild Wars 2 Halloween event, check out their website! Happy Questing!