IDEC Conference Goes Green


The Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC)’s Annual Conference took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, this week at the JW Marriott. Their theme for this year was Advancing Environmentally Responsible Design. The three-day conference was packed full of speakers, workshops, presentations, tours, and activities for attendees to enjoy.

JW Marriott and the conference organizers participated in the environmentally conscious theme. The hotel provided recycling receptacles in the meeting rooms, and their stationary was made from 100% recycled materials. The IDEC conference organizers did their part by encouraging conference attendees to make their trip more environmentally sustainable by providing mobile versions of event schedules and abstracts to reduce the amount of printed paper. They encouraged attendees to return their name tags before leaving, so the holders could be used again in future conferences and events. They also encouraged speakers and presenters to use their own water bottles instead of the refreshment options provided by the hotel.

David W. Orr was the keynote speaker at this year’s conference. Orr is a professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College and the Senior Advisor to the college’s President. He is the author of several books including Down to the Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse and Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect. He is also a Trustee of the Bioneers, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, and the WorldWatch Institute. He led the construction of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center, which was named by the AIA panel in 2010 as "the most important green building of the past thirty years," and as "one of thirty milestone buildings of the twentieth century" by the US Department of Energy.

Here are some of the highlights from the activities that tied in closely with the environmentally responsible theme. The workshop on interior lighting focused on new technologies in lighting and lighting software, the issues with sustainability, and how these educators can incorporate this into their lesson plans. JW Marriott gave a tour that discussed the environmentally conscious elements that went into the hotel’s construction. The rest of the conference was filled with networking, skill-building activities, and a little sightseeing for the attendees to partake in.

The IDEC Annual Conference is open to students, educators, practitioners, and people who are interested in interior design. If you fit into any of these categories, check out next year's conference.


Photo by Tony Frantz