Let Me Introduce Myself…

Vino. Wine Geek. Vine Nerd. Whatever you want to call it, I love wine. Each bottle is like a little adventure. The aroma, the taste, the stories, the heritage. Wine pulls me in to where I can almost taste the Sonoma sunlight.

Let's rewind a little bit. I'll start by telling you that I am not a formally trained sommelier and I would never consider myself an expert. But, I will say that I can appreciate a good glass of wine and, with catholic roots, it practically runs through my veins. During my serving years, I started gaining some more knowledge about different wines, what to look for, what to suggest, etc. It was then that I discovered a need to present wine to the public in a more approachable way. Not everyone knows what it means for a wine to have great legs and not everyone can afford a bottle of Nickel and Nickel Vogt Vineyard Cabernet (starting at $80 per bottle). The most important thing is simply finding a glass of wine that you enjoy!

So, with all of that said, my plan for this blog is to provide critiques over various bottles of wine and to offer some fun knowledge along the way. Each bottle will be obtained locally and at fair prices with hopes that you will join in on this adventure.

Now, on to the wine! 

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