Style Quotient | Introducing Jennifer Dodds Fox

To some, style or fashion is unimportant or a passing fancy. For others, it can transform, enhance and embellish the everyday. For me it is a way of life.

That's not to say I'm incredibly stylish or that I am always stylish. What I mean is that the style of everything is important to me. The battle between form and function is a tough one for me. Yes, function is important but I will not make a purchase based on function alone. If the form does not fit into my life, the function is moot. Fast fashion can provide you with the trend of the moment at seemingly incredible prices, but investing in the classics will always be the better option.

I've been interested in fashion and beauty for as long as I can remember. I was constantly raiding the bathroom vanity looking for products to play with, pilfering my sister's closet for her leather and lace Madonna gear, and ripping out pages of fashion magazines for inspiration.

I had a limited budget for my passion; entire allowances were spent on lip balms and Teen magazine. I used everything I could find in the family bathroom vanity, which typically amounted to no more than Visine drops and callus remover. So, to a 4th grade dance, I arrived with smooth feet and clear eyes. It turns out 4th grade boys aren't looking for those qualities in a dance partner.

My interest grew throughout childhood and into my teens. I experimented with every hair color and style under the sun, started waxing my eyebrows, painting my nails and copying outfits I saw in magazines using pieces from Rave and the Gap. Through high school and into college, I continued to experiment, but found my sartorial choices were becoming more stable. Gone were the swings from hippie to rocker to preppy to punk.

What I ended up with was the basis for my current aesthetic – what I like to think of as “suburbanite-goes-downtown.” I have some preppy tendencies but my overall look is more urban. I like to assemble simple outfits, typically based in dark neutrals, and then add at least one unexpected element, such as a funky piece of jewelry or a neon handbag.

My three golden rules of style are:

  1. It's all in the details. Thoughtful touches or unexpected twists can make jeans and a T-shirt look fantastic.
  2. Quality always trumps quantity. Sometimes I convince myself to ignore this, but I always end up with regret.
  3. Do not confuse style and beauty. One does not necessarily have anything to do with the other.

Fashion and beauty can be a lot of fun, but they shouldn’t be taken too seriously either. Exploring sustainable concepts, experimenting with interesting trends and reviewing products with a focus on organic beauty is my passion and I look forward to sharing my hits and misses with you.

Style, for me, is all about the journey – not the destination.



Photos by Tony Frantz