Style Quotient | Shifting the Market Toward Safe Cosmetics


Great news!!! One of my very favorite organizations, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, released some exciting news last week! The Compact for Safe Cosmetics is a pledge asking cosmetics manufacturers to voluntarily nix the use of harmful ingredients already banned overseas. A surprising 321 companies signed the petition, while another 111 companies are taking measures to do the same.

This is huge! Cosmetics companies have been allowed to do as they wish for so long, but the Environmental Working Group and the CSC are bound and determined to change that. No longer should we allow harmful, potentially deadly beauty products into our bathrooms. The products we spend money on to help us look our best should also make us feel our best. From formulations to packaging and company practices, every inch of our beauty routine should be as sustainable and green as possible and we will get there.

In the meantime, there is much work to be done. There are major companies---ones that should be leading the charge---missing from this list who happen to have the widest reach and the biggest resources. Here is where you come in.

While the CSC and the EWG are fighting to raise money and awareness and lawmakers are working to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act, you have the power to use your dollars for good! Spend your money with the companies committed to improving their practices and avoid the ones who have chosen to remain inactive. Dollars speak louder than words.

To learn more about the details of the CSC pledge and progress, read Market Shift.

Photo by Tony Frantz