Style Quotient | Three Style Essentials for the New Year


There are many definitions of style and a multitude of ways to achieve it personally. While I could point to certain trends or products that can make someone stylish at this very moment, there are three essential tactics that always assist in cultivating fabulous personal style—and they're free!


Nothing brightens a face more than a smile. Often times we go about our busy lives, running errands, plowing through work, and thinking of what to make for dinner—all the while not smiling. But, if you make a conscious effort to smile as you walk down the street, as you enter a room, or while driving your car, you'll find that others will naturally be drawn to you.

I have a giant mouth and sometimes I'm a little self-conscious about it. But when I'm not smiling, my face naturally looks angry (weird genes). Thus, I do my best to smile just so people don't ask me what's wrong.

Smiles are infectious and can improve our moods, so even if you don't feel like it—especially when you don't feel like it---smile and the whole world will smile with you...or something like that. As Little Orphan Annie said, "You're never fully dressed without a smile."


Standing up straight can instantly shave pounds off your silhouette---shoulders back, head lifted, spine straight but not rigid. It might feel a tad awkward at first but reminding yourself to do this can make you look and feel better.

Think of poor sad sack Charlie Brown walking with a bent head and slumped shoulders and do the exact opposite; you'll immediately be more attractive and engaging to others!


Okay, this one might be the hardest to pull off, but my first two points will help you to "fake it ‘til you make it."

I loathe my hair and have bad hair days all the time. I also happen to love wearing semi obnoxious headbands, hats, and brightly colored flowers. What's strange is that some think because I can walk into a room with something the size of a dinner plate on my head that I'm über confident. What they don't know is that it's a cloaking device! By the by, even on good hair days, I like to don a jaunty cranial accessory from time to time.

We all have facets of ourselves that we do not necessarily enjoy, but the trick is to focus on what we do like. The more confident you appear, the more others will believe it’s true.

As we head into the new year, we'll be told a new color is all the rage or that so-and-so’s newest handbag is the bee's knees. But without a fabulous smile, great posture, and at least an ounce of confidence, we'll just be playing dress up.


Photo by Tony Frantz