3 Style Tips to Help You Fight the Winter Blues


When the snow starts to fall and the wind starts to blow it is easy to fall into a slump of the winter blues. Start feeling fresh again by digging into your wardrobe and embracing these three style tips.


We all know that by layering clothes we can stay warmer during the cold winter months. What many do not know is that there are certain ways one can layer their clothes that actually keeps them warmer while still looking stylish.

The first thing to keep in mind comes with the first layer; clothes made of thinner material go on first. Meaning, clothing made from thinner fabrics such as cotton should be layered underneath, staying closer to your skin. This will help you define the layers and make it much easier to take off any unwanted layers throughout the day.

Just like clothing, accessories can be layered to add a sense of flair to any outfit.  This season knit scarves are both a trendy and popular item that can be paired with almost any outfit. Jewelry such as, necklaces, bracelets, and rings can be paired with multiples to achieve a distinguished look.


A Pop of Color

Don’t hesitate to spice up your outfit with a splash of color. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean your color choice has to drop too. Neutral colors are great for mixing and matching but so are vibrant purples, fuchsias, mint greens, and deep blues. Though the pop of color in your outfit will not necessarily physically make you warmer it will defiantly boost up your spirits making you feel more confident.

Not sure where to start? By pairing a bright vibrant blouse with a deeper colored skirt or bottom, the bright color will pop even more. Color can even be expressed through outerwear. Just because the winter weather calls for a heavier jacket, scarf, and gloves, doesn't mean that your outwear ensemble has to be boring. By pairing contrasting colors any style can be warmed up in just seconds. I love blazers especially blazers by Urban OutfittersThe simple classic look of a solid colored blazer can create a business casual style to any outfit.

Visual Textures

Ruffles, lace, sequins and pleats. You never knew you wanted them and now you can’t live without them. One of the best things about an item of clothing that contains a sense of texture is the diversity it gives to the piece.

Textures can be found in everything from bottoms and tops, to outwear and accessories. The causality of the item depends upon the amount of texture used in the piece, making layering a great option to add a little zest to the winter blues. Remember not to go texture crazy. Pairing more than two different types of texture together in a single outfit can lead to an overwhelming appearance.

Lace and Ruffles are two of my favorite textures to pair together. Textured items of clothing are so easy to mix and match, that every piece has the opportunity for multiple styles. My navy sweater has an open lace detail that only looks more stunning when paired with my simple white ruffle knit top by Banana Republic.

Photos by Tony Frantz