The Timeless Fabric of the Modern Age

Just what is it that makes a house a home? An age old question, for many of us the answer is an easy one; being around the ones we love, family, friends, having a sense of security, etc. But how do you transform that house from being a livable four walled structure to an identity of your family?

When decorating within the home, we quite often draw both design and material inspiration from the past. We take these past once innovative ideas and regenerate them into fresh bright thoughts that compliment our most current lifestyles. This is the most challenging part of home design; deciding where to begin. This challenge can be answered in the same fashion that we answer the question ' what makes a house a home?' It is easiest to start with the fundamentals you wish to surround yourself with and then build up from there.

Designer Tricia Rose understood this challenge when she founded the company Rough Linen. Selling products made of linen, "the real, natural way it used to be," Rough Linen reintroduces this timeless fabric to home products in a more modern approach. With four types of linen fabric to choose from and in a variety of colors, bringing this natural fabric into your home is just one easy way to add an organic tone to any room.

That's right, linen is more than just a slang term for the duvet cover on your bed, the sheets you sleep upon, or the curtains that rest upon your windowsill.

Made from the fibers of flax plants, linen is a type of fabric that is light in weight, durable, and above all, made of natural unprocessed components. The fabric dates back to nearly 8000 B.C, and is most commonly known for being the fabric in which Egyptian mummies were wrapped in as a symbol of purity and wealth.

Feel like linen is too old school for your style? Customization is key when it comes to linen fabric. Unique in its texture, the fibers of the fabric may be woven in various weaves and dyed multiple colors to customize to your preference.

Before counting out linen as being fashionable to your taste, listen to Richard Ostell speak about his love for the fabric and the products available at Rough Linen. Richard Ostell, known for his fashion designs, his former work as creative director of Liz Claiborne, Inc., and his furniture and product design line utilizes linen as an accent within his own home.

With so many of today's core textiles being mass produced, Ostell appreciates linen for its originality, textural feel, and humble appearance. By mixing linen with clean modern furniture an interesting visual contrast can be created within a room. This is also a technique that can easily make a room feel gender neutral and set a welcoming tone. Though our trends in style and design change by the season, our core needs to remain the same. That is one reason linen is becoming an increasingly trendy fabric. Linen is the timeless fabric of the modern age.