Tuscan Treasures Surface in the Heart of the Midwest

From the hills of Chianti, in Tuscany, a third generation winemaker has embarked upon a global tour to share the fruit of his family's vineyards.  Giuseppe, brings with him the love his family had for cultivating wine, and the commitment to quality.  Well-known the world over, the I Selvatici Wineryhand picks only the best local Sangiovesegrapes, a grape so crisp and striking it made this region famous.


Giuseppe, who has carried on traditions as well as adding his own modern twist to the art of distillery, has perfected the art . An ambassador of sorts, he spreads wine and good cheer from continent to continent. A love of wine this deep however, is not limited to one family in Italy, but spans the globe and resonates with the love of wine straight from the source, from the heart.

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