Wearable Technology, Information At Your Fingertips


Technology is changing everyday, and in today's society, fashion designers have no choice but to adapt. Designers have noticed that consumers are intrigued by the latest technology. We, as consumers, are always waiting to see what's next and what the latest fad will be. Now that we are able to access technology in the palm of our hands, what will be next? How will innovators satisfy the target market without repeating themselves? By integrating technology into the fashion industry. Keep an eye out for these Wearable Technologies:

Interactive fabrics 


Jacquard is a smart fabric that is being developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects. The fabric will still look and feel just the same as any traditional fabric. However, this fabric will be able to interact with digital devices. Jacquard enables interactivity in two ways:

1) It allows simple gestures to be recognized with programming and,

2) it turns the surface of the garment into a touch screen.

Imagine being able to make a phone call or reply to a text through clothing. Google is partnering with designers, textile mills, and iconic brands, such as Levi’s, to advance this project.

Solar Powered Backpacks


How many times have you left the house and forgot your charger? We all do it. Whether it be your smart phone, laptop, or tablet, no one said the battery life would last you all day. With Project Solaire, they have designed a backpack that incorporates a solar panel into the fabric that charges your electronic devices. These bags are made from canvas and leather and include multi-purpose pockets and sleeves. The water-resistant, 7-watt dual solar panel allows twice the amount of solar energy to be obtained. When the sun is up, you have the pleasure of knowing your electronics will be fully charged.

Victoria Secret's Smart Bra


Victoria Secret's new "Incredible" sports bra features detachable electrodes that monitor heart-rate. Available in two colors, Hello Lovely (pink) and Black Marl (grey), this is the epitome of combining fashion and technology. The Smart Bra also includes sweat absorbent fabric, supportable padding, and seamless technology.  Easy to care for, this bra is machine washable.

Apple Watch


We all have been waiting, and the Apple Watch is finally here! Continuously, Apple has proven that they are the leading innovator in technology. The Apple Watch communication easier and more convenient than ever. The Apple Watch allows you to reply to messages, view your daily activities, and much more. The Apple Watch has innovative qualities, such as: additional watch faces, fitness applications, and more enhanced features. This beauty comes in three different styles: the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.

Google Glass


Google Glass was named the "Best Invention of the Year" in 2012. Google glasses come in different colors, keeping them fashionable in the technology world. They allow you to to take photos and video, use GPS, search the web, and more. Google Glass will be unavailable for purchase while the company works on a brand new version, so stay on the lookout for it. The future of Google Glass will be cheaper, have longer battery life, improved sound quality, better display, and a change in appearance.

Technology comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, whether it's instructional, assistive medical, informational, or solar-powered. Technology is constantly advancing to keep up with everyday demands and with fashion playing a major role in society, it would only makes sense that the two finally come together.