Juicing At Home Brings Flu-Fighting Benefits to Everyday Life

While the luxury of picking up a fresh juice drink at a café or a coffee shop is relatively rare in some parts of the country, juicing is both an activity and a hobby that can be done right at home in the kitchen. Especially during the winter season, the benefits of juicing are innumerable. Just a few of the main health properties include aiding in digestion, easing bloating and energizing the body.

Juicing at home is also a great way to ensure produce that is nearly about to expire does not go to waste. This health craze is also a perfect way to try new vegetables that you wouldn’t normally take an interest in. Often juice mixtures taste better than consuming the fruit or vegetable alone, especially if you are not a fan of them to begin with.

An abundance of vitamins and minerals are also absorbed by the body when consuming homemade juice. Juicing at home is simple, easy and can be done with a very basic juicer, which typically costs around $40 at any regular home store.

There are many different types of juicers out on the market, including extremely expensive ones, but unless it’s in your budget, a fairly cheap one will do the trick and work just fine.

Juicing at home can amp up the immune system, especially when germ contact is typically at its highest level in the winter and when you may be trying to fight off a cold or the flu. Kale and fresh ginger root are just two of many ingredients that can be utilized as powerful flu and cold fighters. Juice blends help by increasing the immune system function and helping to ward off any infections.

But overall, the main part of the fun with juicing at home is creating many different blends and varieties. For example, you can try new fruits and new vegetables and mix them together to design a blend that fits your health needs and brings multiple benefits to your body.


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Photo by Tony Frantz