Raw, Whole-foods Superior to Processed Foods


Many people today are not sure what the words raw and whole-food mean. I can tell you that when it comes to what we put into our mouths, this couldn’t be more important to know.

There are so many processed foods in our food supply that it’s difficult to avoid eating them at times. Among these foods is anything with preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners, or even pasteurization. Basically, just about anything out of a box or carton. These foods are not good for us because they’re foreign to our bodies and may lead to issues and illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Low energy levels and a poor immune system can also come about as a result of eating a lot of processed foods.

So, what should we focus on eating? The key word is raw. A good example would be organic produce. Organic produce, like berries, has not been tampered with at all and should be eaten by everyone. Grass-fed meats, organic dairy, and eggs are also excellent food choices. Some of these foods may not be as quick and easy to prepare, but will have a profound effect on one’s energy levels and overall health.

For those of us that lead busy lives there are many supplements that can fill a void in our diets. Organic berry concentrates are available, as well as whole-food based vitamins. This is very important to look for because the body recognizes and assimilates nutrients much more efficiently when it is whole-food derived. All of the mass marketed one-a-day vitamins are synthesized and not whole-food based. Therefore, they have very little value.

Start a road to better health today by focusing more on raw/whole-food based things to eat and feel better and live longer for it.


Illustration by Derek Wilson