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At this point, for most of North America, summer is just around the corner. Between the stress of your job and the everyday humdrum, summer shouldn't seem so blasé, as Albert Camus discovered, "I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."Not so sure? Dave Romanelli can show you.

"You can experience and capture love in just a moment, to be able to capture love in moments, is an important step. If you can't capture it in a moment, how can you hold it for longer?" David, better known as "Yeah Dave" combines yoga, philosophy, and love into his mission to "restore the value of the present moment." Take a yoga class from him and he may encourage you to "feel a moment of love in your body, have a moment where you love life."

Don't have time to travel to a retreat or take a class? You can take a guided Meditate ON portal online and choose between Soothing Anxiety, Love, Sleep, and Mom. Dave Romanelli, a happiness and life-improvement platform, has provided a 3, 7, or 21 day journey to mental serenity. Only 5 minutes a day, you choose the moment that works best for you.

Meditation has been making headlines, as ABC's Dan Harris recently released his book, "10% Happier," explaining his path to inner peace. After having a panic attack on live TV, Dan realized the need to silence the anxiety inducing voice in his head. Although he admits meditation often carries baggage of a crunchy fruit and granola stereotype, at its core, meditation is simply an exercise for your brain. 

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If you make meditation a practice, you might gain more than just a 10% increase in happiness. Benefits from a Meditation Vacation include: less stress and anxiety, better sleep, more creativity, positivity, and compassion, increased focus, and a higher efficiency rate.

Happiness and its effects are difficult to quantify, and yet, an inner grin can spread warmth and cheer to all aspects of your life.  According to the Harvard Business Review, it's the frequency, not intensity of positive experience that leads to happiness. Strive for scattered joy though out your day, lots of little moments, and soon you'll find what the value of happiness means to you.

Or … take a step and sign up. Your ticket to your inner Hawaii is only a few clicks away. Learn more about your inner Hawaii here.

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