Wellbeing at the Workplace

Wellbeing is the key to successful workplace design.

Research by Steelcase confirms: we spend more time working than doing anything else. We even spend more time working than sleeping. In total, we spend at least 36% of our day at a workplace. With globalization stretching the workday across time zones, many now begin work at sunrise, and continue to work late into the night. 

“Economic recession in North America and Europe has reduced headcount and budgets, turning productivity into an imperative. Meanwhile, in developing..."

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21 Stunning Ceilings To Look Up To

Ceilings – every building has them, but most are not very interesting. Look up … is it worth looking at?

The most famous ceiling in the world may be in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, but there are a multitude of remarkably creative ceilings elsewhere around the world that feature intricately patterned elements, mesmerizing vaulted tiled domes, and complex geometric designs in every hue and texture imaginable.

Some of these commercial-use ceilings are just a few years old and others were inspired...

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Archtober Roundup: Our Top 5 NYC "Buildings of the Day"

Every October, in the cultural hub of the country, New York City, comes Archtober (ärk’tōbər)— a month of appreciation for architecture and design, centered around some of the greatest buildings in one of the nation's greatest cities. While exhibitions, talks and events of everything A&D stretch across the city for the entire month, Archtober also features a "Building of the Day" tour, showcasing a different building led by the head architect who designed it. Below, we rounded up 5 of the most visually captivating spaces featured in this year's tour.

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Expressing Structure

Want to Learn More About Large Scale Buildings? Every city has it's own signature architecture to reflect it's culture and civilization. Gensler is working on the Shanghai Tower which is striking for the tallest building and is set to be finished in 2014. The design also incorporates green strategies, and will be one of the most sustainably advanced buildings in the world. Want to know more about this amazing building then read the EXPRESSING STRUCTURE by Fairweather.

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