Archtober Roundup: Our Top 5 NYC "Buildings of the Day"

Every October, in the cultural hub of the country, New York City, comes Archtober (ärk’tōbər)— a month of appreciation for architecture and design, centered around some of the greatest buildings in one of the nation's greatest cities. While exhibitions, talks and events of everything A&D stretch across the city for the entire month, Archtober also features a "Building of the Day" tour, showcasing a different building led by the head architect who designed it. Below, we rounded up 5 of the most visually captivating spaces featured in this year's tour.

1. Wieden + Kennedy New York by Work Architecture Company

(Photos: Bruce Damonte and Raymond Adams)

(Photos: Bruce Damonte and Raymond Adams)

Big ideas require big work spaces. Advertising agency, Wieden and Kennedy came a long way from their HQ in Portland, Oregon as presently, they have 8 offices worldwide. For their second US agency, they started shop out East and teamed up with the Work Architect Co. to make their workspace a hub for creativity and fresh ideas while also serving as an example architectural excellence. This 50,000 square foot office holds nearly 300 workspaces and communal areas like a gym, garden and library— and of course since its the advertising business, they installed an actual bar as well.

2. Post-Disaster Urban Interim Housing by Garrison Architects



With natural disasters and other acts of terrorism, the harsh reality of living in New York City is that danger can strike at any time. Preparation is key and the NYC Office of Emergency Management kept this in mind when selecting the services of Garrison Architects to develop post-disaster housing prototypes. These multi-story units were built to be put to use swiftly as they can be setup in less than 15 hours. The fact that these quick pods can provide shelter and peace of mind in the chance of chaos is incredible, but what makes them stand out in the A&D world is their modern, sleek and minimalist design. With 1 to 3 bedroom configurations, each unit features a living area, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and storage space.

3. Starlight at the City Museum by Cooper Joseph Studio

The new Starlight spectacle at the Museum of the City of New York is the perfect way to give a new visual lift to the entry space of the historic building. 10,486 individual LED chips arranged in a geometric shape reveal more to the eye as the viewer moves, providing a moving kaleidoscope of lights.

4. Campbell Sports Center at Columbia University by Steven Holl Architects

Like most colleges, Columbia University places a high emphasis on keeping their student-athletes comfortable and competitive with the best facilities possible. The Campbell Sports Center, right on the edge of Manhattan is the latest part of the Baker Athletics Complex - housing strength and conditioning rooms for varsity football, soccer and baseball programs amongst others.

5. Kickstarter by Ole Sondresen Architect

For Kickstarter's HQ in Brooklyn, they emphasized space and room to breathe. The 29,000 square foot abandoned factory building is not only functional for generating and growing new ideas, but for sustainability as well. Composting, low energy lighting, and natural light are amongst its most "green" features, including a garden which provides the staff with fresh grown fruits and vegetables to snack on.