GGI’s New True Color Fades Are White Hot

Most popular in white but possible in any color, Powered by Alice®, Glass Fabricator and Designer GGI will be showing off at this years NeoCon a variety of original digital prints, back painted and satin etch white backgrounds, perfect for your design needs and privacy applications.


The products of GGI have the ability to customize both coverage and opacity allows designers to achieve high design while keeping their client satisfied and glowing with natural sunlight. Achieving privacy without sacrificing the effect of natural lighting proves to be especially powerful in commercial interiors, conference rooms, partitions and entrance systems.“It is especially important to be able to control privacy in airports, where security is of the utmost importance,” says Stephen Balik, head of business development and principal of GGI. “Through Alice® direct-to-glass-printing, we were able to offer the architect the perfect balance of safety and design.”

“Alice® operates completely off digital files -- no screens necessary, and is therefore a fitting technology to be used for anything from fades to company logos, and even reproducing fine art,” says Balik. In addition to exhibiting a vast collection of white glass products, GGI will have a series of new interior glass products on display, ranging from digital prints, back painting, patterned glass, flooring and anti reflective.

For more information on GGI’s complete line of architectural products, visit their website.