Age in Place: Ten Products and Design Ideas

Age in Place design and technology is a concept that is life changing for those who desire to age in the comfort of their own home. These products and design concepts transform the idea that aging in place has to appear clinical or, in a way, unpleasant.

  1. Motion Activated Faucets - Faucets with no-touch technology are now incorporated into varying levels of kitchen/bathroom faucets, allowing the user to simply approach the faucet and turn it on.
  1. Lever Handles - Levers tend to be a much easier solution for those with aging hands to operate knobs or cross handles, this is specifically beneficial to those suffering from arthritis.
  1. Pop Up Shelves - It allows for storage of larger, heavier dishes or appliances in a lower cabinet, but they can be adapted to wheelchair and standing height with the push of a button.
  1. Rollout Trays, Swing Outs, and Lazy Susans - These cabinet accessories allow greater ease for those with aging eyes and bodies. They also allow for a greater amount of storage and access to the full depth of the cabinet.
  1. Barrier Free Shower - Showers with a level threshold are beneficial in many ways. It allows for a walker or wheelchair user to have fluid movement into the space and eliminates tripping hazards.
  1. Thermostat Valves & Trim - These types of items help to maintain water pressure and temperature. They are available in many finishes and are compatible with any design style.
  1. Multi Layered Lighting - Dimmers and task lighting diminish glares and shadows. Adjustable lighting will reduce the contrast between lights and screens, such as TV’s and surrounding darkness within the space.
  1. Lighted Walkways - This can be used to provide a safe, well-lit walkway and can additionally be included along major walkways in the home to prevent falls and to allow for basic wayfinding. Automatic motion-detected lighting can be used, or the electric can be run on a two way switch
  1. Plan for Elevator - When building a custom home that you are planning to reside in for an extended period, it is very important to plan for stacked closets to allow the option of later conversion of space into a residential elevator.
  2. Contrasting Colors - The use of contrasting colors in a home can allow for the aging eye to decipher spaces with ease. It can create a greater sense of depth perception and wayfinding with the home.


This list was compiled with the help of Anna Luke and Maricel Dumont