Living Life on the Edge with Modscape

Only in the land down under. Recently, Australian architecture collective, Modscape brought an undoubtedly wealthy and courageous couples' vision closer to life as they have designed a concept for what has to be the world's first cliff-hanging home.

Dubbed the "Cliff House," this 5-story home acts as an extension of the surrounding cliffs themselves, and creates an unparalleled experience with the ocean no other modern home can match.

This marvel of a home drew inspiration from the oceanic simplicity of how a barnacle clings to the hull of a ship.

The foundation of the home is built on steel rods that hold the multiple levels.

From the blueprints you can see that there isn't much of a front door, and the only entrance is through the top floor, where one would then walk down into the home. Designed with minimal furnishings and vast open windows, the home also features three bedrooms, a garage, spa, barbecue area and a living and dining room.


Modscape was commissioned to design this concept for the couples' space they own in Southwest Victoria. All that is left to wonder is how much would the home insurance cost.