The Stream Team: Comedy

Your guide to the best and brightest of each genre, streaming this month on a Netflix near you. (Summer 2016)

This article goes out to you, the noble Netflix subscriber, who scrolls through titles endlessly after the sun goes down. Read on to discover exactly what the comedy genre has to offer this month. Who knows, you might even find yourself wanting to spend a little more time indoors this summer.


Superstar (1999):

For a die-hard Will Ferrel fan such as myself, this is an easy pick. The film follows the laughable life of Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon). Her only dream, other than the chance to make out with the dreamy Sky Corrigan (Ferrel), is to be the greatest superstar ever. She might even succeed as long as the evil Evian (Elaine Hendrix) doesn’t get in her way. If the film Step Brothers had a baby with an SNL skit, this would be it.


 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012):

Picture a giant meteor is headed towards Earth and your significant other just ditched you, forcing you to spend your remaining days alone. Such is the pitiful plight of Dodge (Steve Carell), until he meets his erratic neighbor Penny (Keira Knightley). Together the two embark on a ridiculous journey across the country in search of Dodge’s lost love. If that doesn’t sound heartwarming enough, they’re accompanied by a wayward terrier aptly named “Sorry.”


 The Replacements (2000):

Don’t be fooled, this one is for sports fans and rookies alike. Keanu Reeves stars as former star quarterback Shane Falco, recruited as a substitute after an entire pro team goes on strike. Probably the best part of this comedy is the motley crew of replacements hired as his teammates. With the likes of a drunken soccer player (Rhys Ifans), a clumsy mini mart stockboy (Orlando Jones), and a Japanese sumo wrestler (Ace Yonamine) you’ll be laughing and cheering.


Hot Fuzz (2007):

Here’s a quirky comedy from the writers of films like Sean Of The Dead and Paul. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is a hardcore British police officer who is transferred to the quaint village of Sandford. To make matters worse, he’s partnered with Danny (Nick Frost), who spends more time eating ice cream and watching action films than actually patrolling. To everyone’s shock, a string of suspicious murders ravages the village, and it’s up to Nicholas and Danny to study up on the grittiest cop movies, pack some snacks, and hunt down the culprits themselves.


Just Friends (2005):

We’ve all been put in the friend zone before, but no one has had it worse than Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds). During high school he was 100 pounds heavier and in love with his best friend Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart), who rejected his advances. Now he’s a successful record executive, super fit, and kind of dating the clinically insane pop star Samantha James (Anna Faris). A fluke accident forces Chris and Samantha to spend the holiday in his hometown, where he’s determined to use his new charm to win Jamie once and for all. If nothing else, the image of Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit should give you a chuckle.


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