The Stream Team: Horror

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The horror genre isn’t for everyone; some people actually enjoy being able to sleep soundly at night. But if you’re like me, a good scare now and then isn’t always a bad thing, and these top five films might just have you jumping at every little bump in the night.


The Rite (2011):

Priest-in-training Michael (Colin O’Donoghue) is having some serious doubts about his faith after witnessing a tragic accident. In the hopes of changing his mind, his superiors send him to the Vatican school of exorcism. There he meets experienced exorcist Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) and observes his work. After a visit goes wrong, Michael finds himself trapped in a terrifying turn of events that will prove the Devil truly exists.  


Event Horizon (1997):

When a spacecraft mysteriously vanishes and then reappears, it’s creator William (Sam Neill) journeys to the far reaches of space to discern what happened. Traveling with him is the crew of the ship Lewis and Clark and its captain, Miller (Laurence Fishburne). Upon first inspection they find the ship completely abandoned, but that soon changes when a dark evil is awakened, pushing the crew members into insanity.


Late Phases (2014):

When the gruff Ambrose (Nick Damici) is moved into a secluded retirement community in the woods, he senses something strange is going on. As a sequence of brutal attacks take place among the residents, it seems as though Ambrose is the only hope left. Don’t be fooled by the low budget of this film, it’s just as scary as anything you’ll find on the big screen.


Stakeland (2010):

Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires from movies like Twilight. The ones in this thriller are violent and terrifying. After America is turned into a horde of the bloodsucking undead, one lone hunter (Nick Damici) and his apprentice Martin (Connor Paolo) travel on a dangerous journey across the country. Will they find a safe haven before it’s too late? Watch and find out.


The Awakening (2011):

We set the stage for this film in post World War I England. It is here that Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall) operates as a sometime-ghost hunter and full-time skeptic. Renowned for her intellect and cunning at debunking popular hauntings, she is asked to visit a boys prep school where a spirit has been sited. Upon arriving she soon discovers that not everything is as it seems in this oddly familiar school house. Your heart will be pounding by the time that the shocking ending is delivered in this horror flick.


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