Far Cry 3: Headed for GOTY?

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3

One of the newest and long awaited games, of 2012 was released a few weeks ago and has quickly made a name for itself as one of the games on the star track to Game of the Year. Far Cry 3, while being a first person shooter, has famously labeled itself as “Skyrim with guns.” Released for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, this game hails itself as one of the best open-ended games of the year, with many high reviews. IGN gave the game a 9.0/10, while it took home an outstanding 10/10 at Eurogamer earlier this year. Most of the praise has centered on the detailed, massive environment, the memorable characters, and a long satisfying campaign with a variety of missions, weapons, and customization.

Set on a tropical island found somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, you play as Jason Brody, a lost rich-boy on a mission to free his friends from the insane pirate-lord named Vaas. Along the way you help out the Rakyat, the island natives currently suffering under the rule of the pirates, as they help you try to free your friends.

Throughout the game there are many choices or paths to take in order to achieve the same goals. If you aren’t a guns blazing kind of person, there are other more stealthy options. Instead of taking the road to a location, you can instead brave the jungle and its creatures and take out the enemies from the other side.  Upgrades to your items can be made at the villages or on your own once you have collected the right components that are found throughout the island. Plants and animals alike can be harvest and skinned in order to upgrade your backpack, create healing medicine, or to create other helpful items.

Far Cry 3 is most certainly taking open ended video games to new heights and certainly excels in capturing the player and bringing them deep into the jungle in a cut-throat battle to save their friends. As a player, I have found myself wondering what 2013 has in store for video games, now that Far Cry 3 has set a fairly lofty bar.

Before purchasing any game please remember to check the rating to make sure that it is suitable. If you are unsure of what the different ratings mean, please check out the ESRB Rating Guide for more information. Far Cry 3 has a Mature rating and is not for children/teens under the age of 17.

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