The Greatest Indian Restaurant in Austria

It sounds strange, but the best food I had in Vienna, Austria, was at an Indian restaurant.

Indien Village ranks in the top 20 on, which was why my coworkers chose it. Online reviews can have significant influence, especially when it comes to picking out a dinner spot in a foreign place.

Indien Village is centrally located, downtown and near public transit. Inside, the restaurant has modest décor. There is a bar, two or three servers and plenty of tables and chairs. The restaurant clientele is diverse: including both locals and tourist groups. With all of the people and different languages, the place can suddenly become very loud.

The tables have white coverings, which didn’t seem to be a great choice after my group was given a selection of sauces in which to dip our Naan bread. The sauces are brightly colored and flavorful. The Naan, in multiple flavors, including a cheese variety, was delicious, as was a sampler plate that contained fried selections.

It took more than an hour for our meals to be cooked.

Indian food from the restaurant's  website .

Indian food from the restaurant's website.

I ordered dal makhani for my main course, which came out in its very own small cooking pot. The dal (Indian lentils) was rich and warm, with a small dab of cheese on top.

As my coworkers and I devoured our meals, the dal stayed thoroughly heated in the pot and I had one of those moments where you consciously have to tell yourself to stop eating because you’re not going to be able to walk away from the table if you don’t. The Naan practically melted in my mouth – it was so fresh and warm. I would tear off a piece of Naan and then mix it in with the dal, which made it even more delicious.

Although we dined for nearly two and a half hours, the experience was worth it. Service was slow, but that is the European way and the food was so delectable, we didn’t mind at all. The cuisine at Indien Village is top-notch and will satisfy any discerning palate. It’s comparable to other Indian restaurants in terms of style and décor, but the food, which is transported via dumbwaiter from an upstairs kitchen, makes it extra special. That being said, Vienna is simply one of those places that has a great eclectic mixture of dining options – from gelato stands to pizza to Chinese cuisine.

Overall, Indien Village really hit the mark, serving up superior food in a great downtown location. Apparently the locals and other tourists think so, too, judging from its spot on TripAdvisor.

Planning a trip to Vienna? Check out Indien Village on their website.

Outside the restaurant with my traveling companions. 

Outside the restaurant with my traveling companions.