The Budget Wines of Summer

Expensive bottles of wine are indulgent and fun, but there is still something to be said about how you feel when you finally find a bottle of bargain wine that still tastes just as good. Here’s an overview of a few wines easy on the pocketbook (both white and red AND under $20) to get […]

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8 Significant Athens Sites

For the traveler looking for rich history and breathtaking monuments and scenery, it doesn’t get much better than Athens, Greece. The city of Athens is known for its impact on art, philosophy, science and politics. Groundbreaking thinkers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato studied there. With such credentials, it can be overwhelming to visit. Below, we’ve compiled just a few […]

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Top Trends of NeoCon 2014

For those interior designers that missed NeoCon and for all others that are interested in having the privileged “insider scoop,” this article is for you. With over 1 million square feet of space to accommodate more than 700 showrooms and exhibitors for the perusal pleasure of over 40,000 architecture and design professionals, NeoCon is the largest trade show of […]

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Lockitron, Peace of Mind at Hand

Are you constantly on the go and sometimes forget to lock the front door, then realize it halfway to your destination? Lockitron has designed a lock system that allows you to check and lock the doors to your home through your smartphone. The device fits over the deadbolt lock already installed on your door and has built in […]

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A Virtual Walk Through NeoCon [Video]

Publisher and producer Tony Frantz takes a tour through NeoCon: North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. – Walking around NeoCon, you get the chance to experience what so many different companies from around the world have to offer. It might be furniture, or wall coverings, a chair, or artwork. It’s an entire environment, […]

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NYC High Line Park 3

A Touch of Color: NYC’s High Line Park

As technologies and cultures change and progress, some practices or activities become obsolete, leaving behind the physical or idealogical shells of their once-thriving presence. Nowhere is this more evident than in major U.S. cities. New York City, home to that icon of progress and technology Times Square, is not immune to this, and the challenge for such places […]

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Looking For a Grocery Store That Offers Quality And Delicious Food?

Trader Joe’s has all the quality food you are looking for! Trader Joe’s started in the 50s in California and the store has since expanded all over the country. The “Trader Joe’s” brand started with one innovated idea on hard to find and also great tasting food. It’s not just a great value, but so much more! Great food + great prices = Trader Joe’s!

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Relax, Everyone Else is Anxious Too

Photo by Tony Frantz Most of us have experienced anxiety in some way or another; from debilitating panic attacks to more mild forms that can accompany anticipation of an upcoming event or project, everyone experiences stressors and feelings of fear. But how we handle them can go a long way in shaping the experience. Anxiety is a […]

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The Greatest Indian Restaurant in Austria

It sounds strange, but the best food I had in Vienna, Austria, was at an Indian restaurant. Indien Village ranks in the top 20 on, which was why my coworkers chose it. Online reviews can have significant influence, especially when it comes to picking out a dinner spot in a foreign place. Indien Village […]

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