Starbucks, Still Hot?

Starbucks, the international coffee giant, has recently undergone an icy affair brought on by two women concerned about the amount of ice put in iced lattes. The claim is that the company serves underwhelming iced lattes by adding too much ice, making the lattes 25% too small. District Judge Thelton Henderson of northern California did not dismiss five out of the eight claims against Starbucks coffee company, but in a press release, Starbucks responded by saying that the claims were, “without merit.”

So how is the company really doing since this fiasco? Well, stock for the coffee connoisseur fell about $2 at the end of July 2016. But, other than that, things seem quite good for the chain. In January, a reported 11.1 million people were part of their rewards program; generating 6 million app orders every month.

Starbucks iced beverages   —   Too much ice? ( Image:  1912 Pike  )

Starbucks iced beverages — Too much ice? (Image: 1912 Pike)

Currently, Starbucks has implemented the “Starbucks For Life: Summer Edition” challenge through which registered members can earn game board pieces in hopes of winning Starbucks for life, for a year, for a month, for a week, and bonus stars. Like the winter edition this past year, each play (and fun cartoon character) is earned when you make any purchase at one of their 24,000 stores.

The exciting game (and strong marketing strategy) lasts through September 12, 2016. As a gold card member, so far I have won five bonus stars for my account on the bright game board. This is, however, quite a small bonus considering it takes 125 stars to earn a free beverage or food item.

Another strong point of the company is their fresh and unique blog, “1912 Pike.” With a superb user interface, the blog contains everything from tips on how to make popular and exotic coffee drinks, to insider facts about the company’s most current international adventures. This morning on the blog I watched an intriguing video on latte art and read a short and sweet article about Brazilian coffee harvesting being a family tradition within the culture.

A Brazilian woman harvesting local coffee beans

A Brazilian woman harvesting local coffee beans

As a former barista with a continuing passion for coffee, I see the Starbucks brand surviving this small lawsuit inconvenience through their brilliant customer loyalty programs, interesting and good-natured endeavors, and enthralling digital marketing strategies.  



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